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Unexpectedly turns off phone

After the last update, the app random turns off my phone. I thought it was a problem with my phone but after I got it replaced from apple the app continued to give me the same problems.

I remember

I remember when soundcloud was totally free and there were no ads now you have to pay? Wow nice job guys...

Too much annoying ads

Its convenience


I love SoundCloud. It remains my sole forum for exposing my music online, and is a major source of the music I listen to daily. Overall, the app for iOS is, I think, lacking a bit.


Its awesome

Great Service!

Love this app

Great app

Amazing app. I love to be able to post my music and share it with people and connect with people too


I wouldnt have been able to spread my music as much as I have, if not for SoundCloud.

Good App to listen or make music

When my phone didnt let me listen to music on Safari when I got out of it, but a friend of mine wanted me to listen to her brothers music on SoundCloud and I did it and his music is good but I decided to put on a song and when I got out of the app, the song still played and it still does it so Im happy that I got this app

Awesome but

If the app would allow music still playing with out wifi or data without pay it would be like the most incredible app


Best music app with no purchases

Thumbs up

Very pleased with what I use it for

Perfect music app

Love it to pieces

Thank you Soundcloud!

Check out POINT5IVE!!!


Awesome asf

Really good app

I got all music this is really good app to be free

Love SoundCloud because I can find any music

But after the new ceo theres too many ads like song after song ads, I get that u guys gotta make money buy this gonna make users not use SoundCloud.


It allows you to listen to your favorite music and you can even create your own music!!!

SoundCloud Needs Work

PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTOMATED SPAM PAGES! I love SoundCloud and all but you guys have to fix some things, my favorite songs wont even load. ? Please fix; one of my favorite songs is Faith In Me by Fabolous featuring Wale, itll play for a little bit and then itll skip and repeat Fabolouss verse over and over until it crashes.

Stop asking

This app and service would be great if it would stop asking me to start a trial so often. I get it, you want my money. But annoying free tier users is a deterrent, and not something a respectful company should practice.

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