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We need an “UP NEXT” button!

“UP NEXT” button needed!

Getting worse.

Since last update it takes around 7 seconds to skip to the next song (the current song doesn’t even stop playing), songs often overlap with ads, and often will not pause, have to force quit the app to stop music. Please, spend a little extra time on QA. App is almost unusable.

Sound cloud is great

Make it so you can listen to multiple song at once

the best

on spotify you cant play a certain song. its always on shuffle unless you pay more money. soundcloud has better quality music and you can play whatever whenever

Love it

Love love love this app guy I recommend this if U ever feel high

Freezez alot

Playing soundcloud music on google chrome on the phone is faster than the app tbh. If you play a song and than tap a another song while its playing itll either freeze the app or make the app think the song ur playing is the same song as the different song you just picked.


Is bad

iPhone 8?

It says it’s compatible with my phone but it’s not working at all Edit: i had to make a new account.


Still massively abusing the iOS audio APIs No track info on iOS Have you bought an iPad to test your app on yet? Old reviews below. =========== 29 January 2015: iPad app updated. Terrible. The "Following" indicator is still broken, theres no way to see when a song was uploaded/shared, the waveform player thing (and controls) at the bottom are gone. Same complaints as I wrote below for version 3.0 for iPhone. This app is just flat-out terrible. I cant wait for all of the artists I follow to migrate to a service that cares what their users think. Such a bummer. Oh and theres still no caching??? So if I want to listen to a song 3 times in half an hour, I have to re-stream it each time, using up my data and your bandwidth. GENIUS. =========== I cant believe you guys just sent out a pre-apology email for how badly youre about to break the iPad app. Do you not realize how insane that is? Youre going to remove the ability to view track info? WHAT?! Do you realize that this is a music app?? Do you have any idea what we all use your platform for? Get it together. =========== This is pathetic. Do you guys even use your own app? - The "Following" indicator is STILL completely broken on iPad. - The years-old startup crash bug is STILL an issue - I have to reinstall the app every 2-3 weeks to be able to successfully launch it. - I cant scroll down any users feed. It shows the first 12 sounds or whatever, but then gets stuck loading the next few sounds FOREVER. [update - this may have been fixed] - Still no support for playlists, anywhere in the app. Buy an iPad and USE your own app. I love SoundCloud, but your iPad app is utter trash. Please get it together. ==================== Where to even start with 3.0 on iPhone...? The stream is awful. Theres still a "plays" indicator, but the indicators for likes, comments, and reposts are gone. Theres no indication of when the item was uploaded or shared. And due to the ridiculous new art preview, only two items are viewable per scroll/screen. What? How about this - shut down your garbage app and buy Soundflake. Wow.


i love this app, i have soundcloud go, and i use this everyday. the new update however is making it so laggy, and it takes a lot longer to do ANY action basically. i dont know if its because of how many songs i have liked, or its just the app in general. please fix this soon! thanks

Sad part

I give this 4 stars because this has no sleep timer


good job soundcloud i like this music app


literally all my favorite artists put their music on souncloud, it’s free and i love it but the app is constantly loading and taking forever to switch songs and play them if they fix this issue it’ll be five stars

Can’t stop the music

Can’t stop the music while outside the app

Loading times are back to normal, just one more thing...

Please add a way to skip playlist/albums! Browsing my stream and coming across a 15 song playlist/album and having the app lagging trying to scroll through them is a pain.

New update glitchy

Ever since the new update, there has been popping/crackling noises in my speakers. Would like this issue to be fixed.



Deleted songs

When i got the new update yesterday more than half of my playlist was deleted, can you like bring it back.


The update came with a bunch more advertisements. I usually wouldn’t mind, but anytime I shuffle the songs a few times I’ll get advertisements back to back. It’s like they have advertisements set to play after a preset amount of songs but it doesn’t take into account that you’re just shuffling and not actually playing songs. I also don’t like that they have video advertisements that play when I’m using my data. Like I hope SoundCloud trynna pay for my data.

Constantly lagging or crashing

I have an iPhone 6s, so may be a factor, but this app constantly lags behind or just straight up restarts/crashes. It has a great community though, full of really creative musicians. I really wish they would all go to Spotify/Apply Music.

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