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Great until most recent update.

Dont know what happened, but the interface is completely screwed up upon playing a track and pulling the tab from the bottom up to reveal the song and its art; the interface often decides to glitch out and go offscreen to the point where it is useless trying to use it unless you restart the app, in which the same thing eventually happens again. Please fix this. I never had a problem until this point. The app was solid.


Trash and buggy af


Great app


Me gusta mucho poder acceder a tantos audios, es muy variada la oferta que hace

best music app period ??

if you want some fire tracks download SoundCloud asap but recently when I click on a profile my app will freeze for no reason on iOS 10.1.1 latest update I need you to fix this its very annoying mar.20.2018



Amaury canela

My best friend for designing or when I feel alone, I never sad with SoundCloud ?

Need an upgrade for CarPlay option

While I do enjoy this app, I wish it was an app in CarPlay mode.

Best Free Music Streaming App

Works great! There’s some songs you have to pay for, but there’s still an insane amount of free ones. There’s occasional ads, but they’re only 30 seconds, tops. And you can skip them after 10 seconds most of the time anyways.

Latest update is SOOOO broken

I like SoundCloud and use it nearly everyday but the most recent update is so buggy it would be better to release the past version. I dont know how this got past testing but its really broken. Editing a playlists order is a hassle, every time I open it and full screen the song (or tap the artist from the full screen) it freezes and you have to reboot. Just… glitchy, rerelease the last version that wasnt broken, please?

Keeps crashing

I can’t start a playlist or music station without it crashing. Please fix this problem.

1 star

Ads everywhere, SoundCloud used to be ad free and now we got to sit through them, and pay a lot more than Spotify to get premium. You get Hulu with Spotify, you get nothing with SoundCloud, change that!

Best app but one problem

So I love this app. Its one of the most used on my phone. The one problem I have is when I’m in the back seat of my whip tryna get a shawty right ,and the white boarders kills the vibe. Please IMPLEMENT A NIGHT MODE to make the white black.


please add play next

Muy buena

Me encanta esta aplicación la uso todo el tiempo lo único es q si no tengo internet no puedes escuchar música

It’s good

It’s a good app, but I remember that when we liked a music track, and then listened to the whole song, we were able to listen to it offline. Now we aren’t able too, and that’s a bit disappointing. Since I can’t use it offline anymore, it won’t really be entertaining or useful for me. If you’re using it online though, it’s good, but it’s not a useful app anymore for me


If u use SoundCloud on chrome get Adblock extension because it’s blocks sound cloud ads any ads on any websites including YouTube


Really awesome!

Great content, good app

Theres content here thats hard to access through other apps like Stitcher or Tunein. Would like to see one added feature: Simple Swipe up to access all authors podcasts without having to first click their name. Right now swipe up has no fxn until you do that. 3/19/18 update. Has become buggy. The podcast show screen not responsive to touchscreen input. Have to tap play 10-20x to get app to actually start playing. Sometimes I have to close-relaunch, repeat. So lowering original rating to 1 star until fixed.


You really should put a equalizer setting on SoundCloud so better quality and it would make this app so much better in my opinion. Also you shouldn’t have so many commercials because this app is so awesome and I love it to death but it kills the mood and everyone else’s mood too with commercials, so please put less commercials.

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